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Drumming is good for you mental and physical health!

Drumming is good for you mental and physical health!

There are so very many things to say about the above article! There was a small but significant research project done in England with people who were already under mental health services. They studied the effects of 90 minutes of group drumming compared to other social and music activities and the results were remarkable! Some of what they found is group drumming

  • Significant decreases depression, increases social resilience, and improvements anxiety and mental well being.

  • All of the changes were sustained 3 months after the study ended.

  • There was a change from unhealthy to healthy inflammation physiology.

There are many articles and research studies already out there about the positive and therapeutic effects of drumming and this just adds to the list. What excites me the most is the connection between group drumming and a healthy inflammatory response. It is estimated that unhealthy inflammation is related to between 80 and 95% of all illness including mental health issues, cancer, heart disease and many, many others. So ... if you want to get healthy, get drumming! I've hosted many drum circles ... let me know if you are interested in attending one and we'll set one up this summer!

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