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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is perfect for those people who want to take their health and their life to the next level...and the next, and the next! The coaching sessions are a collaboration between Dr. Christina and her client. Wellness Coaching addresses any level that blocks the client from meeting their goals. Most people need to address multiple levels in order to create the change they are looking for. Equally important is the ability to connect, integrate, and and embody the various levels of being. 


Clients who have participated in Wellness Coaching with Dr.Christina have experienced dramatic life changes. Most people are able to make the leap to living in a relaxed, comfortable with themselves and their lives way rather than being in stress and distress much of the time. Breaking of old repeating patterns and replacing them with healthier ones is is common.

Wellness Coaching clients find they have a highly expanded ability to know who they really are.  They begin to live from an elevated place because they have risen out of past painful experiences.  


And that changes everything!


Relationships change, work situations can change. Client begin to eat, think, feel, and communicate differently. Most importantly of all, with Wellness Coaching, people experience an expanded ability to love and accept themselves no matter what they have been through.

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