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Gentle Chiropractic Care and Hands on Healing

Dr. Christina provides gentle chiropractic care and hands on healing (energy work, cranial and/or cranial sacral work, and other forms of hands on healing), which facilitate healing and wellness from the inside out. These types of chiropractic and healing unwinds current and past tension and stress, and helps heal injuries effectively. It also frees up stuck energy in the body-mind-spirit-emotions. Dr. Christina occasionally uses structural manipulation - by hand or activator - only when needed and approved by her patient.


Gentle chiropractic care and hands on healing have far reaching benefits. Most patients feel better physically quickly. They experience a sense of ease, relaxation, connection with themselves and their bodies. They have more clarity in their thinking, so it is easier to make healthy choices that are in alignment with their true self.


"I have been to many different chiropractors and Dr. Christina is by far the best!" LJ, Santa Fe

Clients can more easily break the cycle of repeating and long held patterns. Because decreased spinal, neurologic, and energetic tension creates a greater level of safety, it is also common for people to experience emotions and memories from the past. This all leads to an increased ability for clients to know their authentic self and create their life from there.  

During a hands on session, Dr. Christina is always tuning in intuitively. This often leads to a deeper exploration of what would be most helpful for you on that visit. She may lead you to pay attention to a particular place in your body, ask you some questions about some other time in your life, and/or pick an essential oil to use during that session.

"Dr. Boiano is a gentle, caring and compassionate chiropractor. My sessions with her relieve tensions in my body and amazingly unlock the core roots of these tensions in my mind. Her deep listening discerns exactly what I need even when I cannot put my needs into words. I consider Dr. Boiano to be the chiropractor's Chiropractor because her knowledge of the body and its connection to the Mind and Spirit is profoundly evident in her healing abilities."  AA, Santa Fe, NM   


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