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"I have been seeing regular and network chiropractors for almost 50 years, and Dr. Boiano is by far my favorite. She is a true healer. No matter how messed up I feel when I go to her, it totally shifts in one or two visits. I've never had that

experience before. And, she's the sweetest person! I can't recommend her highly enough." TS, Santa Fe, NM

“I’m not sure exactly what Dr. Christina does … all I know is everything aligned nicely in my body and in my life.”  PD, Santa Fe, NM  


“I work in a very stressful, physically demanding business. Dr. Christina was able to provide the healing of my spine issues in record time! I drove away feeling better, shocked, & amazed that she applied "0" zero pressure with zero cracking. Magic? No, just a healing experience that everyone can benefit from. All you have to do is place a little trust in this dedicated professional. I highly recommend Christina Boiano, DC and Inner Rhythms Wellness to provide you with great healthcare.” GG, Santa Fe, NM


“Dr. Christina has a remarkable ability to access my being wherever I am most available.  She works equally well with me emotionally, mentally, and physically to help me with exactly what I am asking for in that session.  I always feel more connected, integrated, and in my body after seeing her.”  JV, Santa Fe, NM


“I have been to many chiropractors in my life, both traditional and network, and Dr. Christina is the real deal! Her chiropractic technique is profound and far beyond anything else I experienced in the past. She helps me connect with my body and its wisdom with ease. Her work goes very deep, very easily to the places that are holding me back, not only physically, but on all levels. She gets my absolute highest recommendation!”  KW, Santa Fe, NM


“I have received personal oil blends, coaching, and body healing with Dr. Christina both in person and at a distance. She shows the same compassion, dedication, and spectacular talent remotely as she does in person. Her ability to tune in and connect with me as well as her guides is the same either way. When I need some help with my energy or my body, Dr. Christina is able to work her magic using remote hands-on techniques, and I can feel things shifting, moving, and clearing. She is amazing whether working in person or remotely!” LO, Ohio


"Dr. Christina was masterful at laying each stepping stone as our group journeyed on our path to self awareness and growth. The rhythmic experiences throughout the session connected me to myself, the group, and greater spirit to open my own individual path of healing and wholeness." TK, Ohio

“I have been to more than 80 workshops at Transformational Gates (a weekend healing event in Network Chiropractic/Spinal Analysis) and yours was by far the best!”  JK, Boulder, CO

Note: This is a lengthy testimonial from a long time client of Dr. Christina’s. It

expresses how she has evolved as a healing and wellness facilitator.

"I have known Dr. Christina Boiano since 1994 in Newington, CT.  Around of the time of our initial meeting, I had begun experiencing significant health problems and emotional trials.  Because of Dr. Christina’s confidence and enthusiasm and despite all my old fears around reaching out for help, I agreed to visit her chiropractic office for treatment.  I could not have made a more important or beneficial decision! I not only found relief for some of my symptoms, but with Dr. Christina’s protection and guidance, began a life-long journey of increased health, emotional growth, and deepening spirituality.


Dr. Christina’s early treatments consisted exclusively of chiropractic manipulation.  The release those manipulations allowed, combined with her calmness of spirit and steadfast support led me to uncover innumerable repressed memories and emotions. Her recommendations concerning psychotherapy and further diagnostic medical procedures, quite literally saved my life.


I saw Dr. Christina for regular treatments for the next 4 years.  During that time, her practice grew and expanded to include network chiropractic and supportive energy healing.  Her tremendous gifts towards healing and her highly intuitive nature grew greatly during this time, as well. As for myself, I changed things in my life by leaps and bounds.  I choose a new career path, sold property, moved on from destructive relationships, and relocated to the Midwest for much needed respite and refocusing. I credit the changes I went through because of working with Dr. Christina and following her advice with helping me be able to make these changes.

We lost touch for a time in the early 2000’s.  I had moved to build a new life while she sold her practice and moved out west, first to Colorado and then to Santa Fe, New Mexico. While I blossomed in my new home, Dr. Christina’s career metamorphosed and expanded.  She moved slightly away from Chiropractic care and into a more intensive practice of bodywork, intuitive healing and aromatherapy. She grew into her own as a healer by refining her skills and integrating her gifts into a more comprehensive whole.

I moved back to Connecticut in 2002 and Dr. Christina was eventually drawn back to visit Connecticut where she offered a series of therapeutic sessions in the Hartford area.  I was lucky enough to find her again and together we began another phase of my healing journey. For a few years, I scheduled intensive bodywork/intuitive/aromatherapy sessions with Dr. Christina whenever she was in the area (usually twice a year).  During that time, I underwent a major spinal surgery which though unbelievably frightening, began a major energy shift in my life. Dr. Christina’s support and advice was invaluable throughout. During that winter I began an intensive, long-distance coaching program with Dr. Christina.  I can attest that her work is every bit as powerful via telephone, email, ground mail and voice-recording.

Our work together has spanned more than two decades and, in that time, I have come to terms with the abuses of my childhood and moved on to a place where the pursuit of good health and good energy are second nature to me.  I have witnessed Dr. Christina’s techniques grow and change over the years and am exceedingly impressed with her ever-deepening intuition and level of commitment to patient care. She has, at every turn, influenced my journey.  Her work must be experienced to be believed!" MM, Connecticut

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