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People love to ask me questions - and I love to answer them!

Please let me know if you have any questions that aren't answered here.


What kind of clients benefit most from your services?

The clients who benefit most are those who are committed to their own health and wellness. They may have tried other treatments and are ready to look at their health and lifestyle through an integrated lens of body, mind, heart and spirit.


What makes you different?

My clients love my compassionate, gentle approach and my ability to listen deeply and understand. Many clients say that they felt a sense of hope that they could actually heal and get their life back. “She’s much more than just a chiropractor,” one client says. “She really sees you and appreciates you for who you are, right now. She creates an envelope of safety and trust, and she can handle anything that comes up for you in total confidentiality and compassion.”


My case is complicated. Can you help me?

Yes! Complex cases are one of my areas of expertise. When simple treatments and solutions are not working, I can help untangle the web of confusion, and bring hope and facilitate your healing. I bring many years of study in a wide area of related fields - both intellectual and intuitive - to help you create a Full-Healing Plan that is uniquely tailored to you. You’ll probably be surprised that healing is easier than you thought. And you’ll learn more about yourself along the way.


Are you the right choice for everyone?

No. If you are looking for “hard chiropractic” (bone cracking) or just want a quick fix to get out of pain, this is not the right clinic for you. My approach works best when a client is ready to commit to lifestyle changes in order to achieve optimum health and wellness. If you do prefer another type of chiropractor, I am happy to help you find the right doctor for you.


I don’t live in Connecticut. Can you work with me?
Absolutely! I often work with people on Zoom (similar to Skype) or over the phone. Most of the services I provide can be done this way. From afar, I replace hands-on healing with energetic healing.


Are you a Network Chiropractor?
No. I studied Network Chiropractic for years and achieved certification at the highest level within that technique. Many people confuse my work with Network because the way I touch someone’s spine is similar to that of a Network chiropractor. After more than 30 years in the field, I have blended together all I have learned into my own unique way of working with people.


What is your experience with helping people with childhood trauma?
I have been helping people recover from all types of childhood trauma from the very beginning of my career. At first, I relied on my natural ability to be present and compassionate and to intuitively know how to guide people no matter what they have experienced. Through the years I have studied many aspects of trauma and techniques that address trauma. I have also walked the journey of healing my own traumas which has informed my skills for helping others.


Why do you call the people who work with you “clients” instead of “patients”?

The word patient reminds me too much of the traditional medical system where the doctor is authority and the patient is just supposed to follow instructions. That is not how I work with the people who honor me with being on their health and wellness team. I feel we are partners in the journey, and I am a facilitator and guide, not the one who knows it all. 


The next number of questions are related to the various types of services I offer. 

What do you actually do?

The most truthful and deepest answer to that question is that “I’m not quite sure.” Of course, I can explain a lot of what I do, what effect it has, etc, - probably enough to write a book!  All of those answers are accurate. That being said, there is another level of health, healing, recovery, and wellness that is a mystery. My ability to be present, compassionate, and connected with you plays a large role, I think the largest role in the results you receive directly from me. I have refined my ability to get out of the way and let divine/god/christ/source energy flow through me. I believe this is what creates the profound, unexpected benefits most clients experience.


What type of chiropractic do you provide?

I primarily provide gentle chiropractic care, which works from the inside out. This type of chiropractic unwinds current and past tension, injuries, and stressors very effectively. I use activator, mobilization, and structural manipulation only when needed.


How do you determine which of your services are right for me?
We determine that together! It depends on your objectives, what you are already doing, what you have tried, what I feel would be the most helpful next step, and what feels right to you.


What happens during the first session?
Before the first session we’ll talk briefly to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Then, I’ll send you my history form, privacy notice, and nutrition questionnaire, so you can fill them out before we meet. My history form is quite extensive for what is going on currently as well as your past history of stressors and traumas. When we get together, we’ll go over your history form. What happens next depends on what type of session we are doing.


What is a hands-on chiropractic/healing session like?

If it is your first session, I will do an extended examination after we talk about your history. After the first session, we’ll check in to see how you are doing, what has shifted, and what you would like to focus on this visit.

  • You will then go on the table, usually face down.

  • I will then do a brief examination and begin adjusting your spine and body with gentle contacts. Throughout the session I will make many gentle contacts that help unwind the tension in your spine and body. I may also do energy healing, cranial or cranial sacral work or other hands on techniques.

  • I am always tuning in intuitively as well. This often leads to a deeper exploration of what would be most helpful for you on that visit.

  • I may lead you to pay attention to a particular place in your body, ask you some questions about some other time in your life, pick an essential oil to use during that session, or use the activator or structural chiropractic adjustments.


What happens in a Personal Oil Blend Session?

Before we meet for you Personal Oil Blend session, I’ll send you the forms mentioned above as well as a document that will help you write your intentions and prepare you for the session. When we meet, we will go over your intentions to make sure they are crystal clear.

  • Then you will go into a centered, meditative state and I will begin choosing the essential oils for your blend.

  • I choose the oils intuitively (most of the time) so that the plant spirit medicine within each oil can shine through.

  • Next, I will give you a reading while making your blend. Essential oils and plant spirit medicine are to me like tarot cards are for many. Most people come away with a vast amount of insight about what has held them back from manifesting their intentions.

  • You will also receive suggestions for exercises and activities you can do to help create the sift you are looking for.

  • You or I will record the session so you can go back and review the material.


What happens during nutrition session?

I primarily uses a technique called Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) which uses muscle response testing and specific test kits to determine the best supplements for your overall health and well-being.  The MFT system builds your health starting with the foundations of what your body needs to express vibrant health. It also prioritizes what tissues, cells, and systems are most important for you to address.  You can find out more about MFT here.  


For some people I will test other supplements based on their history and symptoms and what muscle tests, lab tests (if needed) and intuition reveal.


What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a series of sessions over 4 months or more. The  focus is on increasing your ability to feel healthy, functioning from the present rather than the past, and to more easily make the shifts necessary to create the experience you want to be having in your life. The overall theme we work on is based on your goals. Some areas we can address are

  • Cleansing and Detoxifying your body, mind, heart, and spirit

  • Healing and recovery of past trauma

  • New style of living once the past experiences begin to integrate

  • Expression of your authentic, unique self

  • Learning to have more self love


What happens during Wellness Coaching?

First we will have a consultation to explore what changes you are wishing to make and if I am the most perfect coach for you. You will fill out paperwork so I have a more complete view of your history and your goals.

  • We will meet once or twice per month for 1 hour sessions and

  • Check in with email, text or short phone conversation in between.

  • I almost always recommend working with a Personal Essential Oil Blend while we are coaching together. The exact plan for you will be decided between us.


Are you available to come give a talk or workshop for my group?

Yes, please! I absolutely love being with a group and can tailor a talk or workshop just for you and your group. Both can be done in person or online. Some of my recent talks include “Alternative Health and Hemp Oil”, “The Relationship between Stress, Inflammation, and Health”  and “The Alchemy of Loving Connection”. There are some examples of talks here.


I have designed and facilitated many workshops and retreats including “Healing in Joy” and  “Music, Magic, and Manifestation” workshops and “Pathways to Wellness Retreat”.


What else can happen in a session?

It depends on what your goals are and what you are able to incorporate into your routine. I will often recommend bodywork, nutrition, and exercise; especially for those primarily interested in optimal physical health. If you are looking to heal ancient hurts, then we will explore more spiritual tools. I have studied many different techniques and forms of healing, and I use my experience, knowledge, and intuition to blend together the most effective package for you.


What nutritional supplements do you recommend?

I primarily use Standard Process (SP), and MediHerb. Standard Process has its own organic farm where it grows most of what goes into their products. They have perfected when to harvest and how to process the nutrients that go into their supplements for the highest nutritional value. MediHerb is the herb division of SP and has the same impeccable standards.

Do you work with other health professionals?

Absolutely! I have a referral network of other professionals so that I can assist my clients to achieve their health and life goals.

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