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Gentle Chiropractic Care and Hands on Healing


Dr. Christina provides gentle chiropractic care, energy work, cranial and/or cranial sacral work, and other forms of hands on healing. All techniques facilitate healing from the inside out. These types of chiropractic and hands on healing unwinds current and past tension and stress, and helps heal injuries effectively. It also frees up stuck energy in the body-mind-spirit-emotions. Dr. Christina occasionally uses structural manipulation - by hand or activator - only when needed and approved by her patient. Read more...

“Having you work on me through Zoom feels exactly the same as when I am lying on your table. I can hardly believe how different I feel!” K.K. Santa Fe, NM

Personal Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils and plant spirit medicine are to Dr. Christina as tarot cards are for many. Most people come away from a personal essential oil blend session with a vast amount of insight about what has held them back from manifesting their intentions. The blends give clients access to the wisdom of plant spirit medicine to help them reach their goals.


Personal essential oil blends are for those who want to take a deep dive into getting at the root cause of what they would like to change in their health and their lives. Read more...


Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is perfect for those people who want to take their health and their life to the next level...and the next, and the next! The coaching sessions are a collaboration between Dr. Christina and her client. Wellness Coaching addresses any level that blocks the client from meeting their goals. Most people need to address multiple levels in order to create the change they are looking for. Equally important is the ability to connect, integrate, and and embody the various levels of being. Read more...


Public Speaking

Dr. Christina is an experienced and inspiring public speaker. Her talks cover a wide variety of subjects and revolve around living a healthy, happy, authentic life:

Here is an example of one of her talks.

The Alchemy of Loving Connection

“Dr. Christina is one of those rare people who can take the stage and really move your heart. I have had the great honor of being in her audience many times.” HK, Santa Fe

Group Events, Workshops and Retreats

Dr. Christina has lead many group events, drum circles, healing circles, classes, workshop and retreats:

people in a circle.jpg
  • Community Drum Circles

  • Drum, Rhythm and Sound as a Healing Tool

  • Healing in Joy Retreat

  • ​Class series on Reducing Stress

  • Pathway to Wellness Retreat

  • Music, Magic and Manifestation

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