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Personal Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils and plant spirit medicine are to Dr. Christina as tarot cards are for many. Most people come away from a personal essential oil blend session with a vast amount of insight about what has held them back from manifesting their intentions. The blends give clients access to the wisdom of plant spirit medicine to help them reach their goals.


Personal essential oil blends are for those who want to take a deep dive into getting at the root cause of what they would like to change in their health and their lives.


They are able to connect with and integrate parts of themselves that have been holding the keys to their health and happiness. They are able to access and live from their authentic self.

How it Works

Before you have your personal essential oil blend session, Dr. Christina will send you a form that will prepare you for the session, asking you to write your intentions.

When you meet (either in person or online), she will guide you into a centered, meditative state. Dr. Christina will choose the oils intuitively, so that the plant spirit medicine within each oil can shine through.

Next, Dr. Christina will make your essential oil blend and give you an intuitive reading. You will also receive suggestions for exercises and activities you can do to help create the shift you are looking for. All personal essential oil blend sessions are recorded so you can listen again, take notes, and follow up on the suggestions provided. 


“My life completely changed after my first session with Dr. Christina. She made a Personal Oil Blend for me and I quickly saw positive results based on what I asked for during the session.  I have continued to change and my life has continued to transform. At this point Dr. Christina has made a number of blends for me and has coached me to a level of health, self-awareness, and healing I could not have imagined”  LM, Connecticut

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