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Inner Rhythms Wellness Center Grand Opening

Drum, Rhythm, and Sound Circle

Facilitated by Dr. Christina

Stay posted for the date of our next circle!

Back by popular demand! Come drum, sing, dance, play and connect! Join me for a fun filled hour ... take this opportunity to express your blessings, prayers, and intentions for yourself, your family, and the world. Experience the many ways drumming, rhythm, and sound can be used as a wellness tool.


All are welcome (kids too!), no previous experience necessary. Instruments will be provided, feel free to bring your drums or other instruments.

Sliding scale: $10—$15

It's helpful (not required) if you let me know by noon the day of the event if you'll be joining us.

Email Dr. Christina

The Many Benefits of Drumming

Here are the top 5 reasons I love to drum and facilitate Drum, Rhythm, and Sound Circles.

1) It is an integrated experience between your mind, heart, essence and, most of all, body.

2) We are able to transform anger, despair and other uncomfortable feelings into feelings of peace and connection.

3) It boosts your immune system and decreases pain and stress.

4) It's fun and feels yummy.

5) It's a terrific way to connect within yourself and with the folks you are playing with.


Dr. Christaine Northrop wrote a terrific article about the health benefits of drumming. 

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