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Inner Rhythms Wellness
Dr. Christin
a Boiano
(203) 232-0393

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What if You Could Feel Really Good?


Imagine feeling well every day. Imagine what it would be like if you could hear your inner voice, the voice of your body, and know how to take action to live a full life. Imagine being able to accept and move beyond difficult experiences and challenges that have happened in your life.


Dr. Christina can help.        






Bringing Simplicity to the Complex

Dr. Christina Boiano has been helping clients who:

  • Were looking for hope and needed a practitioner to really listen.

  • Needed someone they could trust with their tender inner places.

  • Have tried other treatments with little or short term results.

  • Were interested in chiropractic care but don’t like “hard chiropractic” (bone cracking)

  • Knew their health challenges were more than just physical.

  • Want to simplify their health routine without sacrificing wellness.


“Dr. Christina's gentle and knowing hands opened up gateways of blocked energy and pain.  Her insights and words affirmed hidden places in my emotional life and guided me into deep healing.  She is a healer of the highest level, and I thoroughly trust her.” SS, Santa Fe, NM


Help. Hope. Compassion.

Whatever you have been through, you can be free, happy, healthy. You can change whatever doesn’t work, including deeply held patterns. You can create a health plan that uncovers and heals the root causes, including childhood trauma.


“I finally felt there was hope for me. Your first-person experience with healing your own trauma was inspiring and helped me through some of the early phases of healing.” - CQ, Hawaii

100% Custom Treatments for Who You Really Are

Complex cases are her specialty. Dr. Christina listens to your words, your body and your energy. She connects her years of study and technical training with insightful intuition and energy work to diagnose and develop a full-wellness healing plan. Blending multiple approaches into a doable, coordinated treatment plan addresses the different aspects of complicated health situations.


Most of the time, it’s not going to be as hard as you think.


“Dr. Christina has been an awesome guide in my complicated healing journey. She has helped my body, mind, and heart recover from extreme childhood trauma, many health issues, and highly stressful personal and work situations. Thanks to her support I am now leading a happy and healthy life.” —MM, Connecticut


The Buffet of Healing Services - in Central Connecticut and Online

Dr. Christina’s wealth of knowledge means that she’ll custom-craft a treatment solution with you that will include aspects of

  • plant-based and natural supplements

  • use of natural plant healing through custom essential oil blends

  • hands-on “gentle chiropractic” (if in Central Connecticut)

  • “energy chiropractic” (if online)

  • rhythm and sound healing

  • wellness coaching

  • home self-care


Elegant, clean and light, your treatment plan is woven just for you. You are involved with all aspects of your treatment plan. Dr. Christina listens closely and will address your needs as well as asking for your input. You’ll need to do your homework, too, in order to get the full life you want.


"Dr. Christina is a gifted healer, facilitator, and presenter. Her profound insights and gentle guidance to self-discovery are truly exemplary. Any experience to work with Dr. Christina - as an individual client or through her group programs - is not to be missed!" TK, Ohio

Contact Dr. Christina today to schedule a consultation. Take the first step toward getting the deep healing you’ve been looking for. (203) 232-0393,


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